Spring – It’s Valet Time!

As the economic climate continues to bite, many motorists are choosing to save their money and keep their cars for longer periods of time. But just because you haven’t got the latest model, doesn’t mean you can’t have that new car feel.

Whether you’ve an older classic or have just neglected your modern motor, Mobile Valeting Services can take years off its look and restore it back to pristine condition. Our valets use the highest quality products and can not only clean your vehicle up to a glossy mirror finish, but also remove minor surface defects for a freshly painted look.

Once you have your car back to nearly-new condition, you will obviously want to keep it that way. Our biggest tip for this is to give it a thorough waxing; investing time with 2 or possibly 3 applications of high quality wax will create a deep acting barrier on your car’s paint work, providing long-acting protection against UV rays, oxidisation and traffic film. In any instance, you’ll certainly have heads turning from the gloss levels you’ll generate.